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Why I tail/plane spot

My first pocket-sized planespotting log book dating from 2012.
So, why do I tail/planespot?

First, I love aviation and aircraft.

Second, it's like bird watching except easier. I can usually find out the "bird" but Googling the registration number.

Third, it is mostly free. I've only spent money on a couple of spotting scopes and some notebooks (see above).

Fourth, it gives me something to do during airport layovers.

Fifth, it's a way to capture memories of many of my trips.

Sixth, it gives me a chance to geek out with other aviation lovers.

I was turned on to tail spotting when I was the international legal advisor at the Erbil International Airport (EBL) in Kurdistan. The manager for the British company Serco had the offices across the hall from the legal office. They were trying to teach EBL's ATC how to be decent ATCs. Every once in a while, Graham Jones would jump up and say, "Hey chaps, there's an interesting aircraft on the field!" and we'd go look at it. He'd then make a notation in a notebook.

Graham is a former air traffic controller and manager. One of the nicest and funniest people I've ever met and was great company in Erbil. So I asked him about tail spotting and I was hooked.

The battered Moleskine hardcover mini-notebook above has been to most of the far off places that I've been--Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq; Kabul (KBL), Afghanistan; Germany, Austria, Mexico, Italy, the Carribean, and a bunch of places in the United States and South Dakota.

I've lost it several times only to find it again like a long lost friend. I have other Moleskines like it but I still haven't filled this one up--yet.

So, say hello to my little (yellow) friend!

Come on! You know you want to be a tail spotter too!