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Fly the friendly skies of Ariana Afghan Airlines and hopefully, don't die. YA-CAQ, 1995 Airbus A310, 2/11/16, DXB to KBL

I don't mean to sound like that guy, but flying on Third World countries' airlines can be a harrowing experience.

Someday I'll talk about my flight from Shanghai to Qingdao on CAAC. Yow!

Anyway, this flight on the 21-year-old Airbus A310 was uneventful. The cabin service was ok and it left and arrived mostly on time.

The biggest deal with going from Dubai, which looks like the city George Jetson lived in, to Kabul, which, to put it kindly, is kind of a shithole. But I ended up really liking Kabul, despite the threat of kidnapping, bombings, random shooting, earthquakes, and any number of other oddities. It's like Denver with fewer Gen-Xers and open sewers. The Afghan people are warm and generous. And their airline is ok too.

Pretty good for a place that's been in a constant war for over four decades.