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Spotting four "birds" with one iPhone, 1/5/19, FSD, N747QS, N486GS, N525EM, and N760PT at FSD

The good news is my Civil Air Patrol squadron, the Sioux Falls Composite Squadron, sits on the flight line at FSD.

The bad news is that I'm shooting through glass, which doesn't make for the greatest photos. 

But hey, you're not paying anything to look at the site, so aviation beggars can't be choosers. :)

  • N525EM is another Poet Cessna 525C. (Maybe Poet should start their own air force!)
  • N486GS is a Cessna 510 owned by Gulf Coast Capital Holdings.
  • N747QS is Bombardier Challenger 350 owned by NetJets Aviation.
And N760PT is already blogged about Cessna 525C owned by Poet.