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"Betty's Dream," B-25, N5672V, 2016 Sioux Falls Air Show, B-25J-35-NC, SN 45-8835, 7/27/16

Alaska SkyWest, ORD, 7/28/19, Chicago, Embraer ERJ-175LR, N173SY

LN-RKS, Airbus 330, A330, SAS, Copenhagen, Denmark, CPH, 7/28/19

E145, Embraer 145, FSD, N684JW, 7/20/19, American Eagle

KLM Boeing 777, PH-BQL, 7/20/19, Chicago O’Hare ORD

Spirit of St. Louis, Ryan NYP, NX211, flying replica, San Diego Air and Space Museum, 6/8/17

N441WF, ONL, 5/4/19, Cessna 441 Conquest II

Once more with N397CA, Skylane 182, CAP, ONL, 5/4/19

Why I tail/plane spot

RCAF CH-146 Griffon? I'm not sure. 4/13/19, FSD, no tail number

Is there a UK De Haviland Vampire in the Sioux Falls area today?

Two USAF Beechcraft T-6 Texan IIs, unknown tail numbers, FSD, 4/13/19

1987 Fairchild SA227-AC, N690WW, 4/13/19, FSD

B-25 "Miss Mitchell" flies across South Dakota in honor of the Doolittle Raid, B-25J-20-NC, 44-29869, N27493

N832CP and N397CA, Cessna 182Ts, PIR, 4/6/19, Civil Air Patrol

N734LJ, PIR, 2015 Cessna 172N, Skyhawk, 4/6/19

N397CA, 2008 Cessna 182T, Civil Air Patrol, PIR, Pierre Regional Airport, 4/6/19

N8324G, 1965 Cessna 150F, Y14, Lincoln Co. Airport, 3/30/19

Most of us will not be flying on this airline any time soon: Iran's Mahan Air EP-MHO, 1989 Airbus A310-300, KBL

Fly the friendly skies of Ariana Afghan Airlines and hopefully, don't die. YA-CAQ, 1995 Airbus A310, 2/11/16, DXB to KBL

1939 Piper J3F-50, MHE, N23101, 5/20/18

C-21A. Learjet 35-A, FSD, 60377, USAF, 3/23/19

Supermarine Spitfire, Sioux Falls Air Show, FSD, 7/21/16, unknown tail number

Interstate S-1A-65F Cadet, Jelly Belly, NC37428, FSD, Sioux Falls Air Show,7/21/16

C-130, Hercules, unknown tail number, FSD, Sioux Falls Air Show, 7/21/16

Fagen Fighter P-38L-5, Lightning, 44-27231, N79123, NX79123, reconditioned to look like Scat III, P-38J-15-LO, 43-28341, Sioux Falls Air Show, Commemorative Air Force, 7/21/19

N397CA, 2008 Cessna Skylane, 182T, Sioux Falls Air Show, FSD, 7/23/16

From News: 737 Max 8s not flying into FSD

N158CP, 2006 Cessna Skylane 182T, Clyde Ice Field, SPF, 10/12/13

Save the dates! Sioux Falls Airshow Aug. 17-18, 2019

It's a MiG, Newton! A MiG 21 Fishbed that is! N315RF, Yuma, Arizona, 3/7/19, YUM